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Hi, it’s Patricia Martins here

I strongly believe that you should give yourself the permission to live the life you want – not being locked in a sequence of events without having any control over it. I also believe that no one was born to be “half-happy”, “half-realized” nor “half-complete”… everyone was born to be a whole!

During my life, I’ve met many people who are living on “automatic pilot” – they accept whatever happens to them, without understanding the reason behind it. People who live in a constant cycle, that keeps repeating itself over and over again, without realizing that the power to change is closer than they imagine – right inside them!

So I founded Augeo to support you on this journey of reconnecting with yourself and building the future you want.

Together, we will unlock your confidence, courage, and self-power so you can back up yourself and take ownership of your life, and finally build up the strategies to rewrite your own history, embrace your uniqueness and bring to the spotlight the only protagonist your life deserves to have: YOU.

What backs Patricia Martins up?

Patricia has always been passionate about people and human behaviour and I have had any doubt I would choose Psychology as my profession.

Patricia’s qualifications are:

Specialization in ISTDP (Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Therapy)
ISTDP Australia

Professional Coaching
The Coaching Institute

Specialization in Sports Psychology
Consultoria, Estudo e Pesquisa da Psicologia do Esporte

Bachelor of Psychology
Centro Universitário das Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas

Diploma of Counselling

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